anxiety attack (what it’s like to me)

I am a shell.

A steward for her.

My little Amelie.

At times I feel helpless

she paces back and forth

aimlessly, nervous

anxious inside me.

She whimper, frets

and rocks back and forth.

I am a shell.

A steward for her.

My little Amelie.

I smile and laugh

with the rest of the world

while she screams

and cries for help.

8 thoughts on “anxiety attack (what it’s like to me)

    • It’s a horrible feeling and sometimes it’s hard to keep a straight face during these moments:/
      I hope you have techniques to ride it through. I’m still learning various techniques as my anxiety seems to become ‘immune’ if I use a particular method frequently!


  1. I had the my first anxiety attack recently and it was the most horrible thing I experienced in my life. My heart was pounding so hard for 8 straight hours I though I was going to die. I remember just lying in my bed wide awake and I can’t hear anything but my heartbeat. I’ve always been someone that has a lot of worries and fears and when I was able to suppress them before but now that I’m getting older it seems like they are catching up on me, good thing I found ways to somewhat manage them. I admire you for being able to write a beautiful poem from such a horrible thing.

    – Abby

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    • writing is my life support!

      my anxiety attack varies…there are times when I feel like my heart is going to explode and that freaks me out; there are times where i just cry uncontrollably and sleep seems to be the only answer. most of the time my anxiety gives me a sense of doom and that I need to do something in order to get quick approval from someone:/

      i’m glad you’ve got ways to manage them. keep on learning and try new things – as anxiety seems to become ‘immune’ at times.

      good luck and take care.


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