she said; I said

You said she spoke articulately.  

You said she speaks exactly what’s on her mind and this makes her intelligent.  

I sense the admiration for her in your voice and I can’t blame you.

You’ve made up your mind, but allow me to play a little “she said; I said” game with you…


She said: I am mad for your laugh.  You laugh with such paradisiacal nonchalance.

I said: You laugh rather loudly…

But I wish I said: I love that your voice is rich with beautiful notes and it captures your soul’s song perfectly.

She said: Your eyes are resplendent and luminous.

I said: Your eyes look healthy…

But I wish I said:  Your eyes betray you my darling, they expose the true meaning behind the words you choose to utter.

5 thoughts on “she said; I said

  1. I can totally relate to this. I’ve always had a difficult time voicing the words of my heart… what come’s out of my mouth often sounds so embarrassingly lame to my ears and hardly ever speaks the depth of what I am truly feeling. This is why I write LOL🙂

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