. Stars between us #2

There are stars in between us

And you’ll look up and admire;

Feeling a love for this very moment

And all the while, I’ll daydream away

Of alternative universes and timelines

Where there are stars that hang above us –

And not between us.

. Teach Me

Teach me when to trust.

Is it when he tells you that you’re the only person they look forward to talk to?

Is it when time flies by and the night envelopes just the two of you?

Is it when he tells you that the connection between the two of you is nothing he can comprehend?

Is it when he tells you he misses you after only mere hours since you both last spoke?

Teach me when to trust.

After all the beautiful perfect words were said and done, all that was left was –

I found someone else.


Love –

But not intensely.

Love –

But build walls.

Find a connection –

Swipe swipe

Left right

How are you?

What are you here for?

Swipe swipe

Left right

1st preference

2nd preference



Etc etc

Swipe swipe

Left right

But –

They are not you.

Swipe swipe

Until the pain dims

Into dark halls

Of my memories.