…alone doesn’t mean lonely

I’m learning to accept

That I am more than –


That I don’t need –

Justification –

from another.

I can do this thing –

called life –

On my own.

. Stars between us #2

There are stars in between us

And you’ll look up and admire;

Feeling a love for this very moment

And all the while, I’ll daydream away

Of alternative universes and timelines

Where there are stars that hang above us –

And not between us.

. f i r s t . c o n n e c t i o n

To call you a man-child would be an insult –

as you are not childlike in your ways –

but through your eyes you see –

you see the world in wondrous ways.

The way you capture the dullness

and recreate –

no, rebuild –

no, you give second chances –

to the damaged –

to the ignored.

You see beauty in the broken –