New project

I’ve decided to start another project on Wattpad. Is there anyone using that app as well?

If so, head over there and let me know what you all think of my new venture!


…time heals

I didn’t choose to fall hard

Falling hard for you was

Never really my intention.

Our random texts

To pass the time

Became D&Ms

Every single night.

I’ll text you whenever

Became I’ll text you

Whenever I miss you,

(Which was all the time).

I miss you then

And I miss you now.

But never fear

I’m growing stronger

Every single day

Even if I am

Without you.

…another version of me.

Every single day, since that particular day, I felt as though I left a version of myself at your feet.

When I stepped away from your arms at the airport, it felt as though another version of me clung onto you.

Every single day, since that particular day, a version of me waits to continue our routine.

She’d wait for your texts of memes and gifs or the random demand for attention after a long tiring day.

She’d wait for her nightly video calls with you, eager to see your face knowing that during that session, the smile that she sees was all for her.

Every single day, since that particular day, the sun would rise and set for you –

Nothing has changed for you.

…awkward pieces of my heart

I string out words onto this blog

And at best, they’re considered

Unpolished rambling of my heart.

Every time I’d feel lost, I’d write.

I’d share my pain and memories.

Awkward little pieces of my heart.

I would string every little word

Together like a pearl necklace.

Unpolished, uncut; but they’re mine.

Mine to keep and mine to cherish.

I’ll write on until my heart heals.

. Teach Me

Teach me when to trust.

Is it when he tells you that you’re the only person they look forward to talk to?

Is it when time flies by and the night envelopes just the two of you?

Is it when he tells you that the connection between the two of you is nothing he can comprehend?

Is it when he tells you he misses you after only mere hours since you both last spoke?

Teach me when to trust.

After all the beautiful perfect words were said and done, all that was left was –

I found someone else.